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For inquires about Event or interior decor please leave us your information with some details and we will reac out as soon s possible.

To ensure you receive exactly what you want  for your EVENT. Here's a detailed explanation of the process:

1. **Define Your Needs**: Begin by clarifying your event vision, theme, color scheme, and any specific decor elements you want to incorporate. Determine whether you need full-service event design or if you only require decor setup.

2. **TO align with your vision  we’d like to request a consultation or initial discussion. For you to provide us  with details about your event, including the date, venue, budget, and any specific requirements. This is an opportunity to share inspiration images, discuss your preferences, and ask questions about our experience, process, and pricing.

3.**  Discuss Budget: Be transparent about your budget for event decor and discuss pricing options with us . We will provide a detailed breakdown of costs and any additional fees or charges that may apply.

4.**  Clarify Services: Ensure you have a clear understanding of what services are included in our pricing, such as design concept development, decor sourcing, setup, teardown, and any rental fees for decor items.

5. ** Timeline and Logistics: We will discuss the timeline for the decor planning process, including deadlines for making decisions, finalizing designs, and coordinating logistics for setup and teardown on the day of the event.

6.** Contract and Agreement: Once you’ve agreed to hire us we will  review and sign a contract outlining the agreed-upon services, pricing, timeline, and any other terms and conditions. We will make sure  both parties are clear on expectations and responsibilities.

7.**  Collaboration and Communication: You will need to maintain open communication with your decorator throughout the planning process. Provide feedback on design concepts, review proposals and mock-ups, and collaborate closely to bring your event vision to life.

8.**  Finalize Details: As the event date approaches, confirm all details with the decorator, including delivery times, setup logistics, and any last-minute adjustments to the decor plan.

9.**  Enjoy Your Event: On the day of the event, trust in your decorator to execute the decor plan flawlessly. Relax and enjoy your event knowing that the decor is in capable hands.

By following these steps, you can navigate the process of completing your vision smoothly and ensure your event is beautifully decorated to your specifications.

To ensure you receive exactly what you want  for your SPACE. Here's a detailed explanation of the process:

1. **Define Your Goals**: Start by clarifying your goals and vision for the space. Determine what you want to achieve with the interior decorating project, whether it's a complete redesign, updating specific areas, or enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of the space.

2. ** be sure that our style and expertise align with your project goals.

3. **Budget**: Establish a budget for your interior decorating project. This will help you narrow down your options and ensure that you're realistic about what you can afford.

4.** Initial Consultation**: Schedule an initial consultation with us to discuss your project in more detail. During the consultation, share your vision, preferences, and any specific requirements or constraints for the space.

5. **Review Portfolio**: we can show you examples of our  previous work and also design a layout of an idea for your space just to give you a look a what it can be like.

6. **Discuss Process and Timeline**: We will inform you  about our design process, also we will Discuss the expected timeline for your project and ensure it aligns with your schedule.

7. **Clarify Services and Fees**: Make sure you have a clear understanding of the services offered by the decorator and how we  charge for our services. You will receive  a detailed breakdown of fees and any additional costs that may arise during the project.

8. **Contract and Agreement**: Once you've agreed to move along with the project, review and sign a contract outlining the scope of work, fees, timeline, and any other terms and conditions. By the end we will make sure both parties are clear on expectations and responsibilities.

9. **Collaboration and Communication**: Maintain open communication with your us throughout the project. Provide feedback on design concepts, review proposed plans and materials, and collaborate closely to ensure your vision is realized.

10. **Implementation**: Once the design plan is finalized, the decorator will proceed with implementing the design, which may involve purchasing furniture, accessories, and decor items, as well as coordinating with contractors or tradespeople for any necessary renovations or installations.

11. **Final Walkthrough**: Once the project is complete,we will  schedule a final walkthrough  to ensure that everything meets your expectations and any remaining details are addressed.

By following these steps, we will be able to effectively transform your space into a beautiful and functional environment that reflects your personal style and preferences.

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